At the Hastings Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing comprehensive pet healthcare in an affectionate manner. All of our staff are dedicated to the profession of pet healthcare, and each and every pet we see is cared for just as we would care for our own.

We are exclusively a small animal practice. Our veterinarians, Drs. Amardeep Bajwa, Amit Ranjan, and Jangi Bajwa, are committed to the provision of loving, professional care for all pets. Our staff members regularly attend continuing veterinary education to update their skills in all aspects of veterinary care.

Dr Jangi Bajwa

Dr. Jangi Bajwa, Veterinarian & Veterinary Dermatologist

He has been working at Hastings Veterinary Hospital since 2005. He is one of only 2 skin specialists for animals in the Lower Mainland. After working as a veterinarian for a number of years, he pursued his special interest in treating skin allergies and skin problems in dogs and cats, successfully obtaining his skin specialist diploma in 2014. He almost exclusively treats skin and ear-related problems in pets. He has a keen interest in ear infections as these can often affect pets’ quality of life and can become a chronic problem if not resolved adequately.

Thanks to his specialization in veterinary dermatology, HVH is the only vet clinic in the lower mainland that offers skin allergy testing, 2 types of allergy immunotherapy, video-otoscopy for ear treatments, and middle ear flushes, all while still offering basic veterinary care. During his free time, he likes to spend his time playing sports and attending sporting events.

Dr Amardeep Bajwa

Dr. Amardeep Bajwa, Veterinarian

He has been with the HVH team since 2005. He graduated from the Veterinary College UAS, Bangalore in India in 1999. He gained small animal medicine experience and expertise at the Oklahoma State Veterinary School as well as while working in India. He has a special interest in veterinary ophthalmology (eye care) and internal medicine for companion animals. His other interests include spending time with his family and his Himalayan sheepdog, Poncho. He is very fond of medium and large breed dogs and his other interests include sports and travelling. He is fully dedicated to pet care and is found to be working past his shift often at the hospital.


Dr. Carmen Saenz, Veterinarian

Carmen graduated as a veterinarian from Centro de Estudios Universitarios Veterinary College in Monterrey, Mexico in 2005 and worked as a small animal veterinarian for one year. She fell in love with Vancouver after coming here as a tourist.  She has been working at Hastings Veterinary Hospital since 2007 and is committed to making this world a better place for all critters.

Pets: Maki and Bluebelle


Ashley LeMond – Veterinary Office Assistant (VOA)

A graduate from the VOA program at Vancouver Community College, Ashley has been working at Hastings Veterinary Hospital for almost 4 years. She has learned so much working with us and has built strong relationships with clients and patients.  Ashley love softball and plays on many teams and participates in national tournaments. She has always had a passion for animals and feels that they should be a part of every household.

Pets: Fanta, Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Opie


Veronika – Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

Veronika is a 2015 graduate of the Douglas College Veterinary Technology Program. She has worked at Hastings Veterinary Hospital for the past 7 years, firstly as a veterinary assistant and now as their registered veterinary technician. Veronika has a fondness for large breed dogs and has had many throughout her life. Outside the hospital, Veronika enjoys camping, quading, and snowmobiling.

Pets: Valhalla


Brandi – Veterinary Office Assistant & Veterinary Technology Student

Brandi has been working for Hastings Veterinary Hospital since September of 2011 after she graduated from the Douglas College Veterinary Office and Animal Care program. In the future, Brandi would like to pursue a career in the rehabilitation area of small animal and/or wildlife care. While living a busy life with 2 jobs and trying to incorporate soccer and softball, Brandi always try to keep a positive and friendly outlook on life. She has, in the past, shared her home with many exotic pets such as rats, degus, and hamsters.

Pets: Leeroy-brown and Ron Weasley


Anna – Veterinary Medical Assistant (VMA)

Anna has worked at Hastings Veterinary Hospital since 2014. She was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta before deciding to make the transition to the beautiful province of British Columbia. Anna is a graduate of the Veterinary Medical Assistant program offered at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and is looking to join the Animal Health Technology program. Outside of the hospital Anna spends her time reading books of any genre and writing.

Pets: Nyx and Reece


Kyla – Veterinary Technology Student


Chenoa – Veterinary Assistant

Chenoa joined the Hastings Veterinary Hospital team in early 2015. She graduated in 2013 from Thompson Rivers University with a BSc. in Chemical Biology and hopes to be admitted to a DVM program in the near future. Chenoa enjoys working with pets as well as wildlife, having spent some time volunteering with the BC Wildlife Park Rehabilitation Centre, and her spare time is spent on music and working on leather handmade goods.


Brie – Animal Care Volunteer


Jared – Animal Care Volunteer