In the summer of 2006, staff at HVH initiated a pet photo contest to help celebrate our patients. We wanted to take a little peek into their lives and see all the goofy, cute, and adorable things they do, apart from being wonderful patients. From its humble beginnings, the annual pet photo contest has morphed into a big part of our yearly calendar. The essence still remains the same, we want to be able to see your pets’ real personality showing and enriching the contest.


Hastings Veterinary Hospitals’ Photo contest is back! From June 1st until September 30th 2017 you can enter your pet’s most hilarious and adorable photos for a chance to win a prize! There are 5 fantastic prizes to be won. There are two categories for prizes: the most likes, and best photos! Like and share your pets photos for more possibilities to win! Photos can be submitted on our Facebook page or through e-mail ( Best of luck to all the participants!

View all of our past contests and submit your entry for this year’s contest on our Facebook Page!

Winners of the 11th Pet Photo Contest (2016):

Winner (Dog) “Skeeter” Cole

Winner (Dog) Skeeter Cole Pet Photo Contest 2016

Winner (Cat) “Emma Young” Paiero

First Runner-up “Dr. Tao” Davies

First Runner-up Tao Davies Pet Photo Contest 2016

Second Runner-up “Giselle” Fraser

Second Runner-up Giselle Fraser Pet Photo Contest 2016

Third Runner-up “Murphy” Williams

Third Runner-up Murphy Williams Pet Photo Contest 2016