Cat family. Mom cat, daddy cat and baby on the grass

Why Don’t Some Pet Cats Get the Vet Care They Need?

Some pet cats don’t get the vet care they need because their owners don’t take them to the veterinarian regularly. These owners simply don’t realize their little pets require regular checkups and the protection of vaccines administered by a vet to keep them in optimum health. Even though cats are very popular animals as pets, […]

Beagle Pup

Use These Tips for House Training your New Puppy

Use these tips when house training your new puppy, and soon everyone in the household can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there are no longer any unpleasant messes to clean up and puppy has finally understood that urinating and defecating in the house are big no-nos. To get to that stage in puppy training […]

Dog, pet of all people

Use these tips for grooming a longhaired dog.

Use these grooming tips if you have a longhaired dog and find it challenging to keep his coat clean, shiny, and mat-free especially as he may not be very co-operative when it comes to bathing, or having his coat trimmed. If your dog is a collie, an afghan, or one of the other popular breeds […]

Portrait of happy girl holding pet and looking at it with her mother near by

Carefully Manage The introduction of Kids to New Pets

Carefully manage the introduction of kids to their new pets so that excited children don’t stress these new members of the household by approaching them too quickly and talking too loudly, causing them to react with fear and hostility. A frightened new pet may scratch, bite, growl, or run away and hide. Do your best […]

dog scratching ears

Ear Hematoma in Dogs and Cats

Is your dog scratching ears? Or maybe is your cat with itchy ears? They might have an aural hematoma. An aural hematoma is a hematoma of the ear. A hematoma is a collection of blood between the skin and cartilage of the ear. Although dogs with large flapped ears are more at risk for aural hematomas, […]