Regular cat dental care concept

Regular Cat Dental Care Helps Keep Your Pet Healthy

Good cat dental care means monitoring your pet’s oral health by taking him or her in for regular checkups—and treatment if needed—by a veterinarian experienced in dental care. A healthy set of teeth not only keeps your cat from suffering the pain of dental and gum problems, but also helps ensure their overall health.

Importance of a dog chip/cat chip for pet owners

An ID Dog Chip/Cat Chip Reunites Owners with Their Pets

A welcome new safety feature pet owners can safely and easily invest in is a dog chip and/or a cat chip to make sure their pets can always be identified and the owners notified of their whereabouts. An animal ID chip strengthens the chance that lost or injured pets and their owners will eventually be […]

Happy golden retriever

Good Pet Care Speeds Recovery after Surgery

Use these reminders of how to provide safe pet care to assist in a speedy recovery after your four-legged friend undergoes surgery. It is very likely your veterinarian will supply you with a list of what you should and shouldn’t do for your pet during recovery, and you can always call the veterinary office if […]

Relieve Kitty’s Pain With Cat Arthritis Treatments

Relieve Kitty’s Pain With Cat Arthritis Treatments

Cat arthritis is a joint inflammation disease causing pain and reduced mobility and is experienced by many middle aged and older pets. Fortunately, veterinarians offer a number of effective treatments for arthritis, and cat owners should keep watch for the symptoms as their pets age, especially when they reach the age of seven. Consult your […]

Protect your pet’s oral health with dog dental care

Protect Your Pet’s Oral Health With Dog Dental Care

Protect your pet’s oral health with dog dental care services to keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy and pain-free. Some owners neglect this aspect of pet care because of their mistaken impression that animals don’t need the help of dentists since their teeth don’t require any special care. Not true.