Welcome to Hastings Veterinary Hospital

At the HASTINGS VETERINARY HOSPITAL, we are committed to providing comprehensive pet health care, in an affectionate manner. All of our staff is dedicated to the profession of pet health care, and each and every pet we see is cared for just as we would care for our own. We are exclusively a small animal clinic. Our veterinarians, Dr.’s Amardeep Bajwa, Carmen Saenz, and Sheelagh Shanahan are committed to the provision of completely professional care for your pets. They regularly attend continuing veterinary education to update their skills. We have dedicated, well-trained, caring support staff.

Pet Oral and Dental care month is January-February

At the start of each year, we put our focus back on oral care – including educating clients on the benefits of dental care as well as offering special prices and discounts on dental procedures. Your pet is welcome for a FREE ORAL EVALUATION with our Veterinary team during this time. Dental care is especially vital for adult and older pets as oral disease is directly related to eating behavior as well as overall general health.

You may sign in at our front desk or call us for:

A FREE ORAL EXAM during the dental & oral care month, or

An appointment for dental cleaning and polishing for your pet – 15% OFF ALL PROCEDURES

Your pet receives a free bag of dental prescription diet with a dental cleaning procedure.

Healing is team effort … and it starts with Oral care!