Your pet is shaking its head & scratching at the ears. It seems that an old ear infection is coming back. If so, remember that chronic, recurrent ear infections can lead to on-going discomfort and middle ear infections. It is best to diagnose the cause of the ear infection early and treat it accurately.

Ear care is a very important part of pet care as ear problems and ear infections are one of the most commonly observed pet health problem. Allergies, ear parasites, ear infections, hearing loss and loss of balance are some of the common ear related problems. Some of these problems may be directly observed at home, while others may present as a hidden problem of the middle or inner ear.

Deep Ear Flush equipment
Ear Flushing procedure for deep or chronic ear infection

As most dogs with chronic, ongoing ear problems may end up needing surgery or long-term therapy, it is important to treat ear problems early. Ear care is a very specialized part of veterinary medicine, which generally falls under the auspices of a veterinary dermatology trained veterinarian. Our staff is equipped with the highest level of training and the most superior ear care equipment such as video otoscopy, middle ear flush Earigator, in-hospital diagnostics and more. Trust our veterinarian, Dr Jangi Bajwa to provide the best treatment or management plan for your pets’ ear problems.

State of art Video Otoscopy - Helps diagnose & treat ear problems aiding a complete cure