Dog Skin Allergy Problems Require Dermatology Care

It is not normal for dogs to itch. Itching in a dog includes licking, chewing, biting, rubbing, and scratching at its own skin. More than 90% of dogs that lick or chew their paws tend to have some underlying dog allergies.

Often, itchy pets have subtle ear or skin disease. Skin allergies and skin infection are best resolved with early diagnosis and treatment.

Our veterinarians strive to provide our patients with the most current treatments and recommendations available in veterinary medicine.

We are committed to a comprehensive workup on itchy, allergic dogs that helps lead to a cure or to formulate a tailor-made management plan for the patient.

Skin Allergy Testing to Help Diagnose and Treat Allergies

Intradermal (within or between the layers of the skin) skin testing is the gold standard test for allergy testing of environmental pollen from trees, grasses, weeds, etc.

We know allergic pets can be very uncomfortable and are committed to providing the safest method of relief from allergy symptoms, while working towards an effective management plan and a cure.

Treatment of Allergies in Dogs

Treatment of allergies may include immunotherapy (desensitization against the allergens), treating secondary infection, preventing recurrent infections, dietary management, environmental enrichment, medicated itch relief, and many other modes of therapy based on the symptoms and severity of the dog allergies.

Natural pollen extracts may be selected for allergic patients in order to desensitize them against allergies.

Newest Treatment Available That Avoids Injections

The newest form of allergy immunotherapy (the prevention or treatment of disease with substances that stimulate the immune response) is ‘Oral Immunotherapy’ whereby the allergen extracts can be given orally (by mouth), thus avoiding injections.

We are able to perform in-house diagnosis of many skin problems and take a very personal interest in helping your allergic dog feel better and live a long, happy life.

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