How to Take Cute Pictures of Your Pets

How to Take Great Photos Of Your Pets

There is nothing more satisfying than capturing perfect pictures of your adorable pets on camera! We have gathered some useful tips to help you accomplish this challenging task. Pets do present unique problems as subjects but you can reduce the difficulties with these simple tricks. It Can be Tough to Take Good Photos Here are […]

Pets Summer

How to Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

When the temperatures soar this summer, you can help your pets chill out and stay safe using our cool ideas! (Pun intended.) While some of these ideas are useful for both cats and dogs, we also have some dog-specific tips as well as cat-specific tips. We’re also including a handy checklist to help you spot […]

Caring for Kittens, The Series. Stage 2 8-12 Weeks

Caring for Kittens, The Series. Stage 2: 8-12 Weeks

Welcome to part two of our “Caring for Kittens” series! This is an exciting period for you and kitty as your adventurous, playful little pet will be forming their very first impressions of people and the world. During these weeks, you will need to monitor his or her learning experiences and ensure they are both […]

Safety Tips for Pets in Cars During Summer

Safety Tips for Pets in Cars During Summer

Did you know that not only is it dangerous to leave your pet alone in a locked car but also it can be deadly? It only takes a few minutes for your dog to pass out from heat stroke or dehydration if they’re left in a locked car in temperatures as low as 20 degrees […]

Kitten care the series. Stage 1 Age 0-8 Weeks

Caring for Kittens, The Series. Stage 1: Age 0-8 Weeks

Congratulations, you’re a mother! Well, your cat is. While your cat is like any mother, you as a new owner of kittens have a few motherly duties yourself in terms of kitten care for these precious new babies. That being said we do not recommend home breeding of cats! Spaying and neutering (especially if they […]