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Dedicated Small Animal Hospital Serving Burnaby and Vancouver with Care and Compassion

At our animal hospital, we believe that healing is a team effort. We are committed to providing comprehensive pet health care in an affectionate manner. Our staff is dedicated to the profession of pet health care, and each and every pet we see is cared for just as we would care for our own. Call our veterinary clinic today for an appointment.

Small Animal Practice

We are exclusively a small animal practice. Our veterinarians, Dr.’s Amardeep Bajwa and Sheelagh Shanahan, are committed to providing loving, professional care for your pets.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Erin J

I have been bringing my pup here for almost 6 years – I have only had great experiences here. Doctors and staff are gentle and thorough, helpful over the phone, and never use pressure sales or push me to get medications or vaccinations for my dog. The one time my dog had to go under for a teeth cleaning procedure they were very kind (they could see I was nervous), quoted me very reasonable costs for the procedure, and phoned me twice to follow up after I brought her home to make sure everything was ok. I trust Dr Bajwa and the staff at Hastings Veterinary Hospital completely.

Erin J

Excellent staffing.  They are always friendly and very knowledgable.  I really feel like the vets and the staff go above and beyond.
When I first got my cat, she was only 5 weeks.  She obviously needed some vet services (flea problem, and no shots).  Each time I took her in to this place, the vet seemed to enjoy her company just as much as I do.  He was careful to handle her and was quite knowledgeable.
I also took her here to be fixed, and she healed up perfectly.


Very friendly personable service. Feel quite confident in vets recommending what is best for the animals…without pushing too many expensive extras. Smal touches like knowing your pets’ names and good flexibility on scheduling help as well.


I really love that the vet clinic is renovated, clean and has no animal odour. They are great at explaining, diagnosing and determining the prognosis of him. You can tell that they definitely care for our pets. On top of that, I always receive a follow-up call after my vet visit for a status checkup on my dog. I appreciate the efforts in this hospital for doing that. In regards to vet bill, the costs are reasonable for their services.


Veterinary Services

At our animal hospital we take a great deal of pride in ensuring that we are there for our patients, no matter how minor or complicated the concern may be. We are fully staffed Monday to Friday throughout the year and provide a wide array of veterinary services. Our commitment is to provide your pet with the highest level of veterinary care and to be by your side in a time of need.

Comprehensive Physical Exams

The key to maintaining your pet’s health is in preventive medicine. The most basic – and perhaps most important – of these is regular physical exams to identify risk factors and early signs of illness.

Dental Care

No other procedure performed on small animals does more to help your pet than periodic teeth cleaning and after care.

Parasite Control

Through routine screening and the use of safe, effective preventive products parasites can be kept at bay!

Puppy and Kitten Care

Get off to the right start. Make us a member of your pet care team – we would love to help you get to know your new friend’s needs best!

Senior Care

As your pet ages, nutritional needs and physical abilities change. As one pet year is equal to about seven human years we like to check older pets more frequently; at least once every six months.


We are equipped with the latest in anesthetic and monitoring equipment. We also call in veterinarians for specialty surgeries whenever needed.

More Services

Ask us about these services or the many other services offered at Hastings Veterinary Hospital.

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