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Grooming tips for your dog or cat

The Importance of Pet Grooming Properly grooming your pet is about more than just having a clean and good-looking cat or dog. Grooming is a necessary part of maintaining the physical health and overall well-being of your pet. Ideally, grooming should start while your pet is still young so he or she will be comfortable […]

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Cat Spaying and Neutering Reduces Abandonment and Death

Spaying or neutering your kitten will help protect your pet from various diseases of the reproductive organs, help reduce the cat overpopulation by preventing unwanted births, as well as curb your cat’s dangerous roaming tendencies and aggressive behavior. To help mitigate this situation, a BC non-profit, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association provides care and feeding […]

Dental and oral care for pets - what you should know

Dental and oral care for pets – what you should know

February is celebrated as pet dental month across North America. Every year, veterinary clinics offer free oral exams as well as freebies related to oral care for pets, in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of oral care for companion pets. Dental disease is a very common problem for pets; we all have […]

Workouts and exercises for dogs

Workouts and exercise for dogs

Dog is man’s best friend! Living with a dog brings a lot of enjoyment in our lives – the unquestioned love, the loyalty, the energetic companionship, the child-like exhuberence are just some of the many qualities dogs possess in loads. They make us smile, they wait for us by the door, they cuddle and they […]

Caring for your pet during warm weather | Hastings Veterinary Clinic

Caring for your pet during warm weather

Burnaby Now July 2014 article The warm, sunny weather is like a blessing, isn’t it! While it is a great time of the year to be out and about, we keep hearing horror stories about pets (and children) suffering, even dying, due to a lack of awareness or bad decision-making by caretakers. We are not […]