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5 Best Spots to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Vancouver With Your Pets

Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you have a very pleasant weekend with all the great moms in your life. It’s important to not forget about your other, four-legged family members though – your pets!

We know there are lots of places to take your mom out for brunch, but many restaurants and areas in Vancouver do not allow dogs upon entry, which means leaving your pets at home…and that can be really tough on mom if it means she can’t celebrate the holiday with them. That’s why we’re here help you worry less about leaving your pets out of the picture and try to give everyone a great Mother’s Day where everyone is included. Here aresome ideas on where to spend Mother’s Day with your pet or pets so they’re not left out from the fun!

Spot 1: Stanley Park

Stanley Park features a dog park that is perfect for exploring no matter what the holiday or reason! Located just off Lagoon Drive, dogs can go off-leash and play and run to their heart’s content in the fenced, gated area within the shuffleboard court area. Bring mom and her favourite pooch here for a game of catch! The park is open from 7am until 9pm, which provides ample time for everyone to run, play, and relax.

Spot 2: Spanish Banks

On the western side of this beach, about 200 meters away from the main building, is a spot where it’s perfectly safe for your mom to lounge and bask in the sunlight or to toss your dog their favourite ball or Frisbee around off-leash. Spanish Banks also has many other amenities such as a concession and volleyball courts. Barbecues are also allowed on site and there are picnic tables around, so by all means pack and bring a picnic basket with you!

Spot 3: Hadden Park

If the weather is nice enough, this beach in between Granville Island and Kitsilano Beach, just steps away from the Vancouver Maritime Museum, is a real doggie heaven for your mom’s favourite pooch!This is considered to be one of the nicest beaches in the city and dogs have full access.

Spot 4: Quilchena Park

Quilchena Park features lots of wide open green fields as well as giant Poplar trees, making for a pleasant stroll throughout. Sports fans can come play a round of golf, there are skateboarding areas and a playground for the kids, and of course mom can bring her favourite doggie here to the off-leash area. This park is not to be confused with Quilchena Neighbourhood Park, which is located in the City of Richmond. Quilchena Park itself can be found off of West 33rd Avenue and Granville Street.

Spot 5: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is very close to the seawall and the Vancouver Aquatic Centre around West and downtown Vancouver, and it too features an off-leash area, so don’t worry about leaving Fido behind if you want to take your mom there for a day trip! There is immediate access to the False Creek Ferry pier if you’re planning on arriving to or from that destination, as well as a concession and volleyball courts to play around in. Sunset Beach is located at the mouth of False Creek on Beach Avenue, between Bute and Thurlow.

From all of us at Hastings Veterinary Clinic to you, we hope you, mom, and of course her favourite pets all have a very happy Mother’s Day weekend! Now go out there and have some fun!

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Hastings Veterinary Hospital and a clickable link back to this page.


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