Hydration for Pets: How Much is Enough? | Hastings Veterinary Clinic

Hydration for Pets: How Much is Enough?

The human body is made up of 60% water, on average. A similarly large percentage of animal bodies are made up of water. It is obvious that water is essential component of every body, just as it is essential for life in general. But how much water is essential and what is excessive? Is excessive […]

Tips for an enjoyable Easter weekend for your pet

It is a great time to be in beautiful British Columbia. A long weekend is approaching. If you have taken some of the springtime pet care precautions, presumably your pet is enjoying good health as well. And because we want to continue the positivity and well-being, let us enjoy the Easter festivities while staying on […]

Cats & Dogs Have Allergies Too | Hastings Veterinary Clinic

Cats & Dogs have allergies too

The bright, sunny days of spring are here. Unfortunately, seasonal allergies are back for allergic people and pets as well. Just as a ‘sniffly, sneezy person’ does not always have the flu, similarly an itchy dog does not always have mange. Also, a lesser-known fact is that a dog that appears to lick itself a […]

Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats | Hastings Veterinary Clinic

Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats

Many people suffer from joint pain and arthritis, especially as they age. Pets are no different. While the feline species is one of the most agile and flexible, it would be naive to assume that athletic animals like cats cannot suffer from joint discomfort. Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) in cats affects old and young alike. […]

New Year resolutions for pets

Pet ownership is the most satisfying of experiences. We see reports fairly routinely that suggest having a dog or cat for a companion helps us live longer. Lesser stress-related and heart illnesses are reported for pet owners than for non-pet owners. One benefit I can vouch for is that growing up with a pet helps […]